Emergency Peace Relief for orphans

YVO design the emergency relief project for war orphans

war orphans are children who lost their father in Afghanistan in the ongoing war they don’t know the date of their birth, have no birth certificate, have lost every thread of any family network, and celebrate no holidays. Some of them were forced to watch as their parents, relatives, or friends were, raped, or killed

Indeed, Afghan war orphans are subjected to extreme poverty and violence on a daily basis. Their situation is in fact critical, child mortality, malnutrition, forced.

Emergency Relief for orphans aims to address war orphans' peace education, life morals, food for them and their household and enroll them back in schools.

We provide opportunities for only specific 150 war orphans, to live in a friendly and war-free atmosphere with love to pursue their peaceful education.

we provide cash for food, providing peaceful education, moral teaching for 150  orphans two hours per day twice per week.

through these moral values to war orphans, we strengthen them to become self-reliant in peace center,

also, we provide war orphans childhood that they never experienced and help them to become a useful members of the societies