Promotion of Mother and Child Health

Promotion of Mother and Child Health project 2005-2016

Your Voice Organization worked and has enough experience in health to all Afghans, particularly to Mother and Child, and envisions a country where all Afghan citizens have access to qualitative and comprehensive health, education, and social services. YVO sees this as a fundamental right for every human being, without any discrimination of gender, ethnicity, or religion.

YVO has been established and registered with the Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan had a project from 2002-2016 in the sector of mother and child health and supported BHC and SHC Reg#  365 with the Ministry of the health of Afghanistan.

Summary of relevant work:

Providing comprehensive health services to deprived and vulnerable people, particularly to children and women in Afghanistan through:

Establishing and Operating Basic Health and Sub-Health Centers.

Providing outreach services to Community, particularly to Children and Women in Emergencies.

Implementing Comprehensive Health Care Services (Prevention & Treatment) to (Men & Women) in BHC and SHC centers.

Supported and worked closely with communities and established TBAs, FHAGs (family Health Action Group) Community health workers (CHW).

Establish and provide an accurate medical record for every member of the family of each villager and health record filed and readily available .use a filing cabinet for it in each clinic

Provision of Training, Awareness and Capacity Development Services on Health education, particularly to Women and Youth through:

Raising Awareness on HIV/AIDS, communicable disease, TB, Hepatitis, Malaria, etc

Training and Raising Awareness on FBV (Family Based Violence) and GBV (Gender-Based Violence).

Conducting Awareness Seminars to the School Teachers, Rural Communities, and school health Counsels about health education and school health management.

Training on Medical First Aids and Providing First Aids Services to school teachers and students.

Developing and Publishing health-related Journals in schools and printing out magazines and brochures for villagers, teachers, and students

Provision of other Health Services to the Needy People of communities based on the needs of the Community.

YVO aims to establish again health support centres and will focus on developing an effective and vital social health strategy in Afghanistan. YVO also plans to create more learning opportunities for adolescents in order to improve their knowledge and to enhance their understanding of health education in schools.