Emergency Relief project for Orphans


  1. Project name      :     Emergency Peace Relief for Orphans
  2. Project period :      1 October 2022 – 30 September 2023
  3. Project purpose :     Distributing cash for food and providing orphans with moral education and peace education


1. Orphan participants selection: the participants orphans whose fathers lost their lives.

2. Orphans’ “Center Committee: establishment of an orphans’ center committee that will have close contact with the centers and monitor the centers closely. Members of the committee will be from community people.  Their responsibilities will be monitoring the centers and contributing to the center by teaching orphans if they have chances to do so. The establishment of such a committee is good for a sustainable community activity and villagers can feel ownership.

3. Awareness and general and peace education sessions:

Harmony awareness sessions will implemented for orphans in the centers.

General educational subjects will taught twice per week for orphans.   

Child protection awareness sessions will implemented for the families of orphans with whom orphans live. 

4. Moral support and physical actions

Moral support actions implemented for orphans’ physical, mental, and spiritual growth through art activities and physical activities.   

5. “Cash for food “distribution: for each orphan four times. 

6. Facilitation for enrollment in schools: Make facilitation to enroll orphans in the governmental schools, if they are out of these schools.